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Posted on 19-Jun-2020

Le Cafe Gourmand

In France, the baguette is a food that has become essential to our diet.
In Paris, there are thousands of bakeries, you can find them on every street corner.

The image of the Parisian with his beret, his marinière, his glass of red wine and his baguette under his arm is a bit exaggerated or is it?
One can still wonder: what would we do without our little golden crust baguette?

But how was the wand born?
The origin of the baguette goes back to the time of Napoleon. His bakers are said to have invented an elongated loaf to make bread more easily transportable by soldiers. At the time, bread was already an essential aspect of our lives, dare i say...sacred!

But wait, another version of the story exists??
Some say that this style of bread was in fact, invented in Vienna, then imported to France during the 19th century.

Whatever its origin, the baguette has developed widely from the 1920s and even today between sandwiches and pieces of bread during meals, we really do not see how we could live without our daily bread …
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